Monday, 3 November 2014

Have you ever tried to live on £15 per week?

Students on the BSc (Hons) Social Enteprise Leadership award are trying out living on £15 per week in order to learn just what it's like. The challenge was presented by staff in the delivery partnership as they work to help students realise the poverty and deprivation which social enteprises and voluntary sector organisations seek to alleviate. Have you taken the £15 challenge yet?

Working out the budget?
For more on this challenging new degree programme  please go to


  1. An interesting task - how did the students get on with it? Out of interest, how was the figure of £15 decided on?

  2. Hi Kevin

    I will report back on how the students got on after the next Uni Day which is on 15th December 2014.

    The task was developed by previous students studying the pilot programme to this one; their final assignment charged them to articulate possible improvements to the award. The suggestion from them was that all students on BSc (Hons) Social Enterprise Leadership should undertake the £5 for 5 day challenge; a national initiative run to help us all understand the challenges some of society face. the delivery team thought this was such a good suggestion and extended the suggestion to 7 days. What do you think of the £15 as a fair amount to challenge them with (given recent reductions in benefits)?

    PS We are concious your dry bar in Morcambe is now up and running. We hope it is going well. Please do post us the name and address.