Saturday, 20 September 2014

9th August 2014: the first ever selection event for BSc (Hons) Social Enterprise Leadership.

This weekend saw the first selection event ever for the  BSc (Hons) Social Enterprise Leadership. Participants took part in group tasks, taking a turn at being a leader. One task saw participants out on Lake Windermere in ‘whalers’ working as groups within an overall team to find answers to treasure hunt style clues.

All participants felt very uncomfortable at times as they battled personal challenges and to get to know their fellow group members. It was important that they put any sense of competition for a place on the course aside as they worked together to achieve set outcomes. The aim was for them to show us how they worked in groups and teams together with their current approach to leadership. 

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To apply for this course please fill in a UCAS application form using the course code: S356. 

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